From 300 to 300

Dec 3

Workout - 12/03/13

Yeah, it’s been a bit…

My friend Shawn had a guest pass and asked me if I wanted to go with him. The thing is that before I started posting all this fitness shit I was doing on Facebook, he wasn’t really doing much of anything. Not that I am such an awesome motivating force at the moment, but I was really tying to preach about the life for a while.

It felt good to go get some lifting done again. It just gave me some time to just get away from everything that was running through my head.

I better get on to the meat so I can go throw some meat on the grill…

Bench: 5 @ 115 lb x 6
Dumbbell press: 3 @ 30 lb x 15
Fly: 3 @ 10 lb x 15
Shrug: 3 x 35 lb x 15

There looked to be a single bench that was fixed in decline, but opted to just use the flat bench and not do decline this time. I had to use a 10 lb for my fly because someone was hogging the 15 lb, which really isn’t an issue at my college gym.

It was nice, and I need to get back into it again. It was about this year last time I was really getting into a routine, and was going pretty hard until summer.

Work week three down

Today was the end of my third week of working full time again. Over the 120 hours that I have billed them for, and I haven’t really had to do any work at all.

What the fuck do you do then? Is probably the main question running though your mind right now.

Every morning starts with a four shot caramel latte at a little hipster cafe that some college students meet to study in the morning.

I then spend most of my morning looking at all the funny shit posted on imgur, while switching tabs when others walk by so they don’t think I am fucking off.

After three hours I head out to lunch, usually with my friend James, who also works there. Come back after eating an overpriced meal to sit at my desk once again. Maybe go sit in a meeting and nod like I know what all they are talking about. I am not a programmer. Each kind of “computer person” has a different field of knowledge, and there is some vocabulary that is native to each group.

The rest of the day I spend reading this ebook that they gave me. It tells me how to write test cases for the method that they use to do automated testing of their software. Soon I might be writing actual test cases for any or all of them, so that is another reason that I am reading this book and following the examples they provide.

The reason they hired me was to be able to read these test case documents and perform all of the manual tests on each different version of the software running on each different hardware platform. Along with being the test monkey that will smash it against a rock to make sure it doesn’t break.

—> Condensed:
Each day: about an hour drive, much coffee, imgur / read ebook, overpriced lunch, read ebook / go to meetings, drive home
What do: Nothing but read, eventually me break stuff caveman style

Minor update

I know that I haven’t been around much lately…

I don’t have any fitblr related updates to post. Mostly because I am still on the shitty eating train, and I haven’t been going to the gym. on top of that, I am doing much less physical activity at my new job. It just becomes one vicious cycle…

It’s quite obvious that I can see how it feeds back into itself and makes me feel shitty. I will need to work to break out of it all again.

I will get back into a groove soon, because I know that is something I really need to have in my life.

Also I will try to get better at posting more… in the event you want to know what else is going on in my life.

Thanks for continuing to follow.

How are you feeling about the new job now that you've been there for a few days?

It’s not all that bad actually.

The issue is that they really haven’t had any work for me to do, so I spent the entire last week reading technical design documents, and looking at conceptual graphic designs for the application interface. I have the issue where I feel like I should be doing more to warrant what they pay me.

I was given the older iPhone that we have with the app loaded on it so that I could perform some basic testing on the app and get a feel for everything. I went through the app and made notes about all the things that I found, but I am sure that all of them will be fixed the next time I see it.

I do spend some time fucking around online since I have no real work at the moment. Today I set up the environment that they use for the automated testing on my laptop. I figured that I really needed to be familiar with their infrastructure and the tools they use on a daily basis.

The more I know about what is going on, the easier it is for me to do my job, and be able to effectively support my coworkers.

It will take some time before I am able to feel comfortable, and I know it will never be like the last place. I am happy to move on to something different and start learning emergent technologies. There was a lot of red tape at the college, and people with limited IT knowledge could kill a project. I am excited to learn some new software that is being used there, and see a product being developed from all sides.

I am the monkey they pay to break each thing they make. :)
I have had worse jobs for much less pay.

In a nutshell, it’s really not all that bad, and I am slowly adjusting.


Nov 5

First day at my new job

I wish that I could tell you that I was excited to start my new job today.

I finally have my own desk now and a much better laptop than I had previously, yet I am not really all that happy. I think that one part of it is that I just don’t like change, and the fact is that it fells a bit colder of a place. The people are all really nice, but I know that it will never have that same feeling of comfort of the position I just left.

I guess this is the point where I have to leave the fuck around part time student job behind, and move into the the serious adult career phase of my life.

What sucks is that it is a temporary position, and I have no idea if they will want to hire me after that time. Also the position that I was offered is for software testing, which I can do, but it is not really my area of knowledge.

It’s all about the money right now. I need a few months of full time at a decent pay to get my shit together again. At that point they will either offer me the job, or I will have a new set of skills which employers might be seeking.

I spent most of my day reading through a bunch of design documentation for the software I will be testing. Here is a sample sentence: This unidirectional communications channel is an unencrypted binary data stream. Yay technology!

I won’t be bitching as much when I get my first check… I am sure it won’t be all that bad, I just have to get adjusted to life as an adult and work a real 8am - 5pm job 40 hours a week again.

There are a good points. My office is located in a different town that I have only visited a few times. I have the chance to find cool new places, and meet an entirely different group of people.

I am going to see what will happen… 2014 could prove to be an awesome year.

Employment Update Update

Today I received my official job offer letter email.

Of course I already accepted the offer, and I will probably start next Tuesday.

I am a getting a little excited, I like meeting more people, and I get to learn a lot of new things for my new job.

I am am kinda bummed to be leaving the college. There are so many different people that I get to see during the day. Along with the fact that I get to do a bit of walking between buildings on campus.

I really feel that this will help me get a more secure foothold on my career. The last two companies I worked for were small family businesses. This place is a bit bigger than those and much more well organized. They mentioned having a position in their IT department that would suit my skills better. Already I have the possibility of advancement within the company.

Sushi celebration dinner:

Update: Everything Else

Let’s see what else we have to talk about… need to be careful since wine seems to be my truth serum. Though I can actually think fairly clear at the moment.

I was supposed to go LARP this weekend. It is the last event this particular LARP is hosting this year. It makes a lot of sense since it will be freezing soon enough.

The thing about that is… My friend bought these tickets for us to go see Alton Brown at Michigan State University. They just happen to be for the same weekend, and he bought them way before I went to the first LARP event.

You know it would be a total bitch move for me to skip out on going to see Alton. For those that don’t know, I fucking love cooking and baking. Alton is one of my icons, and his show Good Eats is just awesome. He shows you how to cook, but then delves into the actual science behind the process. Seriously, this could very well be once in a lifetime type shit right here.

Bummed that I won’t be able to go to the LARP. but excited to go see Alton on Friday at the same time.

You would think that with the other two update posts that I would just be ecstatic about life at the moment, but that is really farthest from the truth.

I am kinda sad to be leaving my job. It is really comfortable to be able to just be myself, and I do tend to fuck off quite a bit. Also seeing hot college girls everyday makes life better. It’s kinda like going shopping, I get to look at everything that I want, but I can’t have.

I am a bit down that I fucked up to the point where I gained 20 lbs back. It really seems impossible that within such a sort span of time that I could put that much weight back on, but I know I haven’t been to the gym enough to put on that much muscle. Besides the fact that I know the truth about my recent eating habits.

I felt pretty good that I finally hit below 250 lbs, but I had this disillusion that my appearance would be vastly different. I allowed myself to slip, and different stressors helped spur old habits. It all becomes a shitty downward spiral of depression.

It is important to understand the problem in order to find viable solutions.

Tonight’s dinner…

It looks more red than it actually was… and I could’ve taken it off a bit sooner actually.

Still working on that bottle of wine…

Steak, wine, and Supernatural made this a decent evening.

At this moment…

It’s 10:45 pm and 41°F (5°C) outside right now.

I am getting ready to grill myself a steak.

Might even have to bust open a bottle of wine for dinner since I still have two left in the fridge.

Not that I need to drink, but I want to have all the shit I shouldn’t have back out of the house again.

Update: Employment

As some of you know, I work for the IT department at my college as a student worker. I started working there last December, and I have had a great time becoming part of the team. I had a few fun selfie posts, one from January, and then another one from April. (This really isn’t related… it’s just me wearing more silly shit.)

Where was I..? Oh yeah, I was talking about team building. There is this one guy that I work with that can be a bit of an asshole. The one day he was jumping on me about some bullshit and making a big scene. I simply had enough so I stood up for myself and told him to eat a bag of dicks. (Gold star if you know the reference, and a silver star if you don’t and watch this.) Needless to say he has been much nicer since that day. I was so pissed that day and was ready to fight. He still talks mad shit all the damn time, but he isn’t bad to be around now.

I have come to love and respect the quirky little team I have become part of over the last year. I get to say whatever comes to my mind anytime that I want. I wish I could express the amount of freedom that I have at my job. Though raising your voice at a full time employee, with your supervisor in a cubicle in the same room, is probably enough of indication of what I am talking about. My supervisor is just an awesome guy, and just let it all slide as men working their shit out.

I bet you are wondering where this is all going…

Well, in the last week of August, I interviewed for a job at my friend’s company. I received an email a few weeks later saying that they weren’t going to hire me for the Software Tester position. The guy said there might be a position opening in their IT Department that I would better fit my skills. Last week Thursday, I was scrolling through emails and found one from that company offering me the Software Tester position for a temporary time. I would have a full time position with them from November through February, and I will probably be starting next week. I need to meet with them this week and work out the details.

I told my current supervisor today. I made sure to let him know I wanted to stay on and finish the project that I have been working on for the last few months. I figure that way I can have some extra money coming in while I am working my main job, and I have something to fall back on if this new position doesn’t become permanent.

It’s almost double my current pay, and I get another twelve hours worth of work over what I able to currently. (Current job capped at 28 hours a week.)